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Who are we?

The North Texas Whip is a carriage driving club that was founded in January 1996 by Kathy Atchley and Donna Hornsby.  The purpose of the club is to bring local driving enthusiasts together to promote the sport of driving. At the end of 1996, the club boasted over 75 members (including some in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Jersey).  Now, almost 20 years later, the club has nearly 100 members and is affiliated with the American Driving Society and the Carriage Association of America.

The North Texas Whip is a 501(c)(7) club.
What does the North Texas Whip do?
The North Texas Whip provides knowledge, skills and opportunities to drive!  In its first year of existence, the club held a driving clinic, a country-road pleasure drive, and a mini-CDE; plus arranged for a local facility to hold two pleasure driving shows. The club now has several established annual events for everyone to enjoy including its signature event:  the NTW Sunrise Ridge Driving Trial, which is recognized by and run under the rules of the American Driving Society. In addition to these enjoyable events, the club also organizes and hosts learning clinics, pleasure drives and social activities. The North Texas Whip publishes a monthly newsletter which offers driving articles, a calendar of driving events, member news, classified ads, and NTW show results.
Is the North Texas Whip affiliated with any one breed?

No! The club is open to anyone with any breed of equine, and all events are specified as such. You'll see a little bit of everything at North Texas Whip events; our members drive everything from miniature horses and donkeys to all kinds of ponies and horses, including draft breeds.

Do I need my own horse and cart to be a member?
No! Anyone interested in driving is encouraged to join. If you want to take driving lessons or have your horse trained to drive, the NTW can refer you to professional trainers. Or you can attend the events as a spectator to show your support, or even better, volunteer to help at a NTW function. You'll learn a lot and make some new friends at the same time!
How do I Join or Renew?
Membership entitles you to the right to participate in all NTW events, free classified ad listings in the newsletter and on the Club web site, and a year's worth of information-packed monthly newsletters.
There are three types of memberships: Individual; Junior; and Family.  An individual gets one membership vote and a family gets two votes.  Memberships expire the end of December.  
New Members

You can join by clicking on the 'Member Signup' button on the menu and fill out our online membership application.
Annual  dues are $25 for Individuals; $15 for Juniors; and $30 for Family.  Juniors have to be less than 18 years old.  A family consists of one or two adults and juniors of the same household.  Membership dues are prorated mid-year and after June 30 the membership dues are reduced to $12.50; $7.50; and $15 respectively.