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How to post your Wagon Yard Advertisements

How to post your advertisement
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Members can post Wagon Yard advertisements themselves.

Advertisements should include your contact (phone / email), a description of the item, and a price.
Anyone can see your advertisement and members can also respond or ask question via the forum.

To post an item do the following:

- Click on the left-hand side menu for ‘Wagon Yard / Forums’

- Click on a category under ‘Wagon Yard Advertisements’ that is related to your item
   (for example, Equines.  Preferably not under How to post Wagon Yard Advertisements)

- Each item has its own thread, so to add a new item
   you have to click on ’Start New Thread'
   - Enter a Subject to  give a short description of your item
   - Enter a more detailed description with your contact and price
   - Optionally you can also add Attachments
   - Pictures can be added later by editing the post (see below)

- Hit ‘Post Message’ below the description

To edit your post:
- Navigate to your thread
- Click on your post
- Click on the yellow pencil icon to the right
- Edit, for example: 
   - Change the text
   - Mark the item as sold
   - Change font or font size
   - Add a photograph that is in a file on your computer
        by using the 'Insert Image' menu button
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